After heavy lobbying by all sides, Gov. Gary Herbert on Thursday signed a controversial bill to make Utah’s laws on drunken driving the toughest in the nation — but anticipates tweaks before it takes effect late next year. That happened as a new poll...
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West Bountiful • On the final day of their dream, 25th wedding anniversary trip to Europe, Kurt and Melissa Cochran’s idyllic stroll across London’s Westminster Bridge ended in terror. A man later described as an ISIS-inspired, British-born...
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Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed his first bill of the 2017 Legislature on Friday — a controversial one that would have removed the requirement to appoint at least some Democrats to dozens of state boards and commissions. Ironically, Herbert’s office had...
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In small amounts, vegetable oils are healthy, as they contain fats that are essential in our diets. But our consumption of vegetable oil has increased considerably since the 1960s, and the health effects of high intakes are a source of scientific...
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Some Utah police say a new law giving the state the strictest DUI threshold in the country could change how officers screen people for DUI and look for signs someone's blood alcohol level is over the new 0.05 percent limit.
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Researchers led by scientists at the University of Utah have discovered that early detection of damage to collagen — the main building block of all human tissue — can alert doctors that a patient is on the verge of major tissue injury and...
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A Salt Lake City police officer was legally justified when he shot a man during a foot chase in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office announced Friday.
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If you are caught using a handheld device while driving in the United Kingdom, whether it's for talking, texting, taking video or anything else, your penalties just got significantly steeper, thanks to a law that went into effect this month.
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A Uintah County man who pleaded guilty and mentally ill to shooting and killing his brother during an argument two years ago has been sentenced to prison. Craig A. Antonio, 29, of Ballard, was charged in 8th District Court with first-degree felony murder...
Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah suggested that Americans should invest in health care rather than “getting that new iPhone.” His constituents had something to say about that.
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Despite uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act’s future, Utah had one of the biggest increases of any state in residents who signed up for its coverage this year.
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